How to Measure a Suitcase Accurately

Life is a journey, and we are a traveler, as an expert in travel accessories. As an experience, choosing the correct size of a different suitcase is important and measuring the size accurately in a travelling journey can make your trip hassle-free. Also, save up the extra amount you pay as a carrying cost of your suitcase.  Knowing how to measure a suitcase correctly can be a true game changer for your travel. So, whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a vacation newbie, let’s demystify the world of suitcase measurement together!

How To Measure Suitcase

The Importance of Measuring a Suitcase


To embark on a journey with peace of mind, knowing your suitcase’s dimensions is a must. This ensures you adhere to the luggage restrictions imposed by airlines, train lines, and bus companies, preventing any unexpected fees or surprises. Furthermore, it will help you choose the perfect size suitcase for your travel needs, balancing capacity and portability.

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Step-by-Step: How to Measure a Suitcase


  1. Measure the Length: Start from the top of the suitcase (including wheels and handles if fixed) to the bottom. Use a flexible tape measure for accuracy.
  2. Measure the Width: Take a horizontal measurement across the suitcase’s front or back side.
  3. Measure the Depth: Measure the vertical side of the suitcase, from the back to the front. Remember to include any external pockets or pouches that may protrude.
  4. Calculate the Linear Inches: This is a standard most airlines use. Add up the length, width, and depth to get the total linear inches of your suitcase.

Remember to write down these measurements and keep them handy for future reference!


Tips for Accurate Measurements


Always include all fixed external parts like wheels, handles, and protruding pockets. This is because airlines consider the total dimensions of your suitcase when enforcing luggage rules. Additionally, use a flexible tape measure for the best accuracy, especially for irregular or rounded suitcases.

Accurate suitcase measurement can make all the difference, allowing you to travel confidently and make the most of your adventure. With the tips and techniques you’ve gained from this guide, you’re well on your way to becoming a packing pro!

Remember, every journey begins with the right luggage, and understanding how to measure a suitcase is the first step. So, unpack your doubts, pack your dreams, and embark on this incredible journey together! Safe travels, fellow wanderers!