The Best Suitcase Brands This 2024

Selecting the appropriate luggage is essential for every individual who travels. Nowadays, it is easy to find different types of suitcases in this open market. However, knowing the genuine brand can make it much easier if traveling for professional work or planning a vacation. Choosing suitcases practical in the future can be a hassle for new travelers as the different brands enter yearly. As we move through 2024, some brands have risen above the rest regarding quality and reliability. Let’s dive into the top suitcase brands of the year and see what sets them apart.

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Best Suitcase Brands This 2023

Positive points

  • Informed Choices: The content is likely to help readers make informed decisions when purchasing suitcases, ensuring that they select from the most current and relevant options available.
  • Variety of Options: The inclusion of multiple suitcase brands implies a diverse range of choices, catering to different preferences, budgets, and travel needs.
  • Quality Assurance: The implication is that these brands have been vetted and recognized as the best in the industry for the year 2024, which can assure quality for readers.
  • Traveler-focused: The focus on suitcase brands is specifically tailored to meet the needs of travelers, making it a valuable resource for those planning trips in 2024.
  • Time-Saving: By presenting a curated list of top suitcase brands, the content saves readers time and effort in researching and comparing different options on their own.


Negative points 

  • Subjectivity: The “best” suitcase brand selection can be subjective and may not align with every reader’s preferences, needs, or budget.
  • Limited Scope: The list may not include lesser-known or niche suitcase brands that could be suitable for specific travelers but are not widely recognized.
  • Evolution of Brands: The suitcase industry is competitive and constantly evolving. A brand considered the best in 2024 may not remain at the top in subsequent years so the recommendations may become outdated.
  • Availability: The recommended suitcase brands may only be readily available in some regions, potentially limiting access for some readers.
  • Budget Considerations: The list may only cater to some budget ranges, leaving out more affordable options or overemphasizing high-end brands.


Neutral points 

  • Current Information: The title suggests the content is up-to-date and relevant for 2024, providing readers with the latest insights into the suitcase market.
  • Consumer Choice: It acknowledges that there are multiple suitcase brands to choose from, catering to a wide range of preferences, needs, and budgets.
  • Variability: Recognizes that what is considered the best brand can vary among individuals, depending on their specific requirements and priorities.
  • Time-saving: Presenting a curated list can save readers time and effort in searching for a suitable suitcase brand.


Top 11 Suitcases Brands


  • Samsonite 

Samsonite, a recognized leader in the luggage industry for over a century, is renowned for its durable and innovative luggage designs. Their offerings, which cater to business and leisure travelers, come in various colors ranging from classic blacks and grays to more vibrant shades and unique prints. One of Samsonite’s hallmarks is their commitment to lightweight yet sturdy luggage. They employ high-quality materials like polycarbonate and tri-core nylon, ensuring resilience against impacts, scratches, and adverse weather. 

Moreover, their zippers are robust and designed to withstand the rigors of extensive travel, and the spinner wheels offer 360-degree maneuverability, providing ease of movement. Innovations like expandability options integrated TSA-approved locks, and intelligent luggage features, such as GPS tracking and built-in scales, set Samsonite apart in the market. Their unwavering focus on quality control, exemplary customer service, and warranty offers cement their reputation as a top choice for many travelers.


  • Tumi 

Tumi, a premium luggage brand known for its top-notch quality and design, stands out in 2024 for several reasons. The brand offers suitcases in sophisticated colors, often sticking to elegant neutrals but occasionally sprinkling in unique shades for those wanting a distinct look. Tumi crafts their suitcases to be lightweight for easy travel, yet they offer a wide range of sizes suitable for short business trips and more extended vacations.

 A standout feature is their durability, with solid materials like ballistic nylon and unique zippers designed to reduce damage. Tumi keeps innovation at the forefront with features like the TUMI Tracer program, which helps locate lost items and imaginative suitcase designs for tech-savvy travelers. This blend of style, strength, and special features solidifies Tumi’s reputation as a leading brand in 2024.


  • Away

Away is a famous suitcase brand known for its simple design and cool features. They have suitcases in different sizes, from small carry-ons to big ones for long trips. Their colors are modern, with classic colors like black and navy, and sometimes they add new seasonal colors. 

Some Away suitcases have a particular battery you can remove, which is great for charging devices. They also have strong locks, easy-to-move wheels, and a neat inside layout with a place to compress clothes and a separate bag for laundry. Away makes their suitcases from durable polycarbonate that resists damage quickly. With its combination of style, features, and durability, many travelers choose Away.


  • Travelpro 

Travelpro is a favorite brand among flight crews, mainly because of how tough and long-lasting their suitcases are. They offer sizes from small carry-ons for quick trips to larger ones for extended stays. They typically come in primary colors like black and blue, which many travelers prefer for their professional look. Travelpro designs their suitcases with solid wheels and handles for regular use.

Their suitcases also feature ample storage space, pockets, and sections for organized packing. They primarily use durable nylon or polyester materials that withstand rough use without easy damage.

So, if you want a suitcase that’s simple, strong, and trusted by those who travel a lot, Travelpro is an excellent choice.


  • Rimowa 

Rimowa is a top-notch luggage brand famous for its shiny aluminum suitcases and stylish design. They come in different sizes, from handy carry-ons for short trips to bigger ones for long vacations. These suitcases are often metallic because they’re made from aluminum but offer colors like black, silver, and sometimes unique edition shades. 

One cool thing about Rimowa is the grooved design on the outside, which looks unique and adds strength. These suitcases are sturdy but not too heavy, considering the strong material. They also have smooth zippers that last long and don’t get stuck. Plus, the wheels roll easily, making it a breeze to move the suitcase around if you want luggage that combines quality with style.


  • Delsey 

Delsey, a French luggage brand, balances quality and price beautifully. They offer suitcases in various sizes, from compact ones for weekend getaways to spacious ones for extended vacations. You can find these suitcases in classic colors like black, blue, and red, and they sometimes introduce trendy shades. 

Delsey designs its bags with style and durability in mind. Despite their lightweight nature, they withstand frequent travel well. Their zippers glide smoothly, ensuring no hassles during packing, and their wheels roll effortlessly, making airport or station transits a breeze. For materials, they use hard plastics for hard-side luggage and durable fabrics for soft-side ones. If you want a reliable, stylish suitcase that won’t empty your wallet, Delsey stands out as a top option.


  • Briggs & Riley 

Briggs & Riley stands out for its durable luggage and unique designs, especially its one-of-a-kind expandable system. They cater to all travelers by offering sizes from quick-trip carry-ons to larger suitcases for extended vacations. You can select from timeless hues such as ebony and midnight; they occasionally introduce fresh seasonal tones.

Their patented expandable system is a standout feature, which lets you adjust the suitcase’s size based on your packing needs. These suitcases remain lightweight, making traveling more comfortable. They equip their bags with reliable zippers that move smoothly and wheels that make navigating airports easy. Using high-quality nylon or polyester, Briggs & Riley ensures each suitcase combines durability with style. For a suitcase that pairs innovation with long-lasting quality, Briggs & Riley is a top pick.


  • American Tourister 

American Tourister, a wallet-friendly brand under the Samsonite umbrella, offers a variety of suitcase sizes, ranging from compact carry-ons to spacious checked bags. You can find them in various colors, from timeless blacks and blues to vibrant reds and yellows. One of their standout features is the lightweight design, which makes traveling hassle-free. 

The suitcases come with sturdy zippers that glide smoothly, and the wheels, whether spinners or rollers, ensure easy movement. As for materials, American Tourister typically crafts their luggage from either durable polyester for soft-side bags or sturdy polycarbonate for hard-side options. American Tourister is a great go-to choice if you’re looking for reliable, stylish, and budget-friendly luggage.


  • Hartmann 

Hartmann produces premium luggage that boasts a timeless, classic design. They offer a range of sizes, from handy carry-ons for short trips to larger suitcases for extended travels. Their palette leans towards sophisticated hues like rich browns, deep blacks, and elegant navies. What sets Hartmann apart is the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail, evident in features like leather trims and sturdy handles. 

Despite their luxurious look, the suitcases maintain a practical weight, making them travel-friendly. Hartmann uses smooth zippers that resist snagging, and their wheels ensure effortless movement across various terrains. In terms of material, Hartmann often opts for high-quality nylon or leather for a refined finish. 


  • Victorinox

Victorinox, famous for creating the Swiss Army knife, crafts reliable luggage for modern travelers. They offer a spectrum of sizes from nimble carry-ons, ideal for quick getaways, to substantial checked bags for lengthy adventures. Their suitcases come in various colors, from the traditional black and silver to more vibrant hues that capture attention. 

In 2024, Victorinox’s fusion of durability with intelligent design makes it a top brand. Many of their suitcases feature tech-friendly compartments, reflecting their legacy of functional innovation. Despite packing in these features, the bags remain lightweight, facilitating easy travel. Victorinox equips their luggage with zippers that glide seamlessly and wheels designed for smooth and robust movement. They primarily use high-quality nylon and polycarbonate to ensure durability without compromising style. 


  • Osprey 

Osprey, known for backpacks, has now become famous for wheeled baggage. They have small-wheeled carry-ons for quick excursions and more oversized luggage for extended travels. Their baggage palette features earthy greens, blues, and brilliant reds and oranges, expressing their adventurous brand personality. 

Durability and user-friendliness make Osprey one of the greatest brands in 2024. While sturdy, their backpacks are lightweight to make travel easier. The wheels run well on varied terrain, and the zippers are durable. Osprey makes their baggage from durable, weatherproof nylon. Osprey provides both functionality and dependability.


Final Conclusion 

  • Dynamic Luggage Landscape: 2024 showcases a vibrant mix of traditional powerhouses and cutting-edge newcomers in the luggage industry.
  • Legacy Meets Innovation: Celebrate the timeless sophistication of Rimowa and Hartmann alongside the functional ingenuity of brands like Osprey and Away.
  • Diverse Choices: Emphasize the broad spectrum of options, catering to varying preferences for durability, design, technology, or affordability.
  • Tailored for Every Traveler: Highlight the availability of a perfect suitcase brand in 2024 to match each traveler’s unique requirements.
  • Leading Travel Evolution: Acknowledge these brands’ role in spearheading the future of travel, ensuring every trip is smooth, stylish, and perfectly suited to modern needs.


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